How I.B.I.S. helps its clients grow by gaining a deep understanding of their business

Andy Vabulas, CEO, I.B.I.S. Inc.

Enterprise business software provider I.B.I.S. Inc. emphasizes what it calls its vertical focus to customer service. By specializing in understanding of its clients’ businesses and helping manufacturers and distributors run their business more effectively, I.B.I.S. limits the price factor for prospective clients.

By offering what it calls Discovery sessions, I.B.I.S. gets to know the prospective client’s business in great depth. “The value of partnering with I.B.I.S. is a trusted relationship,” says Timothy Roe, director of sales and marketing at NSPI. “They are very knowledgeable about our business and will be here for us after the initial implementation.”

Under the guidance of CEO Andy Vabulas, I.B.I.S. hosts its clients twice a year to develop their Microsoft software skills. In the first meeting, a Microsoft user event called Convergence, I.B.I.S. helps clients choose their schedules and hosts them for a reception. The second event, called iSight, is exclusive to I.B.I.S. Offered in Atlanta and Charlotte, iSight is a no-cost event held for I.B.I.S. clients. The iSight event provides users with valuable tips and tricks on how to use technology in a more beneficial way. It also teaches them new skills and gives them the opportunity to network with other clients and to share solutions with each other.

I.B.I.S. has a help desk called DynamicsCare staffed by three full-time experts, all of whom are certified on all Microsoft products. I.B.I.S. clients have the option of purchasing an unlimited DynamicsCare plan, which gives them around-the-clock access to the company’s help-desk experts; alternatively, clients can purchase a DynamicsCare pack, which guarantees them a three-hour response time.

I.B.I.S.’s culture includes a top-down approach to motivate employees to be creative and productive for the benefit of the company’s clients. I.B.I.S.’s executives pride themselves on empowering their staff to create an environment focused on learning, education and continuous training.

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