How Industrial Heat Sources does whatever it takes to help its customers

Ken Paine, Owner and President, Industrial Heat Sources

Industrial Heat Sources faced a situation where it appeared as through one of its customers was in the wrong. While welding together samples of one of its products using a tool bought from Industrial Heat, there was an explosive short.

Since the tool was two months out of warranty, IHS had a seemingly legitimate reason to not solve the problem. But it would have left this customer in a bad spot and forever tainted their relationship going forward.

So IHS did what companies do when they truly value their customers and want to do whatever they can to help them do their job. The company looked at the nature of the problem, looked at the machine’s low number of work hours and said it would cover the costs of the repair, even if the manufacturer would not.

The thoughtful gesture made a big impact on the customer and that is what Ken Paine, the company’s owner and president, strives to do all the time.

“We have referred many customers your way since purchasing the two pieces of equipment from you and we will certainly continue to do so,” states the customer testimonial. “However, it will be with renewed confidence that we are referring our customers to a reputable firm that understands that the sale is not the end of the transaction or the business relationship.”

This philosophy of doing what’s right all the time, whether it’s by the book or not, has earned IHS kudos from customers at all levels. The company makes it a point to always be there, staffing a person at all times during office hours to make sure that customers have a real person to talk to when they make a call.

Training is constant to make sure that not only employees are up to speed on the latest tools, but that customers have all the knowledge they need to get the job done.

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