How InfoMart leverages its experience to help clients screen prospective employees

Tammy Cohen, President, InfoMart

InfoMart was founded in 1989, around the time the background screening industry was being born, and the company’s leaders say they believe their firm’s experience is the key factor sets it apart from its competition. Many of InfoMart’s competitors have been in business for less than 10 years, while InfoMart has been providing background screening solutions for more than twice that long, earning the trust of some of the world’s most respected corporations.

Early in InfoMart’s history, the company’s leaders realized that prospective clients can get background checks from a large variety of sources since much of the information provided is public record. But InfoMart decided it could differentiate itself by providing exceptional customer service.

Led by President Tammy Cohen, InfoMart provides background checks for thousands of corporations daily. All of those clients have diverse needs. While they all require a high degree of security, each has its own system requirements. Despite these divergent needs, InfoMart meets their expectations by providing customized care. The company’s long-term clients continue to support InfoMart because of its individualized service, its technology and its deep understanding of how the screening and hiring process works.

InfoMart is large enough to handle the volume of its national accounts but small enough to treat each customer as if it were InfoMart’s only customer. While InfoMart’s leaders know that the company must remain competitive with its price structure, they also know price is not the most important factor in choosing InfoMart for screening services.

“InfoMart is dedicated to providing top-notch customer service,” says Jay Boyles, who works in protection and preventive services for FedEx Ground. “The customer service team takes pride in their work and is knowledgeable regarding state laws and our business rules, and when tasked with a hot-button issue, they make it a priority to resolve it in a timely manner.”

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