How Jeff Green focused his vision on seeing the future of online advertising with The Trade Desk

Jeff Green, founder and CEO, The Trade Desk

Jeff Green, founder and CEO, The Trade Desk



For Jeff Green, his online ad exchange company The Trade Desk is the culmination of a career spent trying to make media buying more efficient. Green started his Internet work experience while in college working for Microsoft to supply technical support — but soon was focused on with his vision of improving transparency and efficiency in online advertising.

In 2004, when everyone else in the online advertising industry doubted ad exchanges, Green founded AdECN, the first exchange for online advertising. He has since been constantly trying to improve processes to make them more efficient.

As the founder and CEO of The Trade Desk, and with his background in the industry and analytical ability, he brings his vision to reality — he can delve into what he describes as the “intricacies of online marketing” and successfully capitalize such a business opportunity.

He knows his vision and can sell it as a product to his customers and colleagues. In leading his team, Green knows the delicate balance between pushing his teammates for the best results and not micromanaging.

The Trade Desk has grown rapidly, including expanding from about 20 employees to the current number of 50 in one year. Not only is Green successful at obtaining more talented employees as his business grows, but he retains those already on board. Since the start of the company in 2009, only five people have left. More than 75 percent of employees acknowledge that working at The Trade Desk is the best job they have ever had.

Green is not only entrepreneurial; he is also community-minded and charitable. When his son’s private school had no other choice but to cut the school year short because of insufficient funds, Green volunteered to help solve the problem by using his online ad exchange platform to raise money. The school raised enough funds so it did not have to cut education time short.

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