How Juggle is experiencing tremendous growth under Stephanie Leffler and Ryan Noble

Stephanie Leffler, CEO, Juggle, LLC

Stephanie Leffler, CEO, Juggle, LLC

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Stephanie Leffler


Juggle, LLC


Ryan Noble


Juggle, LLC

Ryan Noble, president, Juggle, LLC

Ryan Noble, president, Juggle, LLC


As the heads of Juggle, LLC, CEO Stephanie Leffler and President Ryan Noble bring extensive entrepreneur experience to the company as well as a strong top-down culture.

From their initial small online shop to a large software company, the two learned an extensive amount about the software/online industry, as well as the leadership skills necessary to grow a company at a rapid pace.

In 2008, Leffler and Noble founded Juggle with no outside capital, although they recently completed a capital infusion. The company began as an online reference resource and has become a network of websites covering thousands of topics.

Leffler tackles strategy and operations while Noble handles development and research in the company that has been further divided into ROImedia and ROImedia works to drive online traffic and generate advertising fees, while managing 1,000 niche websites. utilizes the newest technology and ideas with the goal of becoming a software as a service organization for crowdsourcing functions.

Since 2010, the company has more than doubled in employees. Leffler forecasts that current investments in personnel and software will yield significant dividends in the coming periods.

The two consider the crowdsourcing industry to be an enormous opportunity and hope to become an industry leader.

Juggle also has an employee-first culture that creates an environment frequently listed as one of the area’s best places to work. The workplace includes a masseuse, hair stylists, ergonomic outfitters, free oil changes in the company parking lot, a personal trainer and in-house workout facility. Employees are encouraged to frequent the company’s lounge where free drinks and healthy are provided.

Leffler and Noble have had success attracting and retaining valuable management personnel because of competitive pay, flexibility and the fun work environment.

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