How Larry A. Sheakley inspires his workers to give back to the community

Larry Sheakley, CEO, Sheakley

2013 CIN Pillar

Pillar Award for Community Service Finalist

Larry A. Sheakley



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Larry A. Sheakley, owner and CEO of the business services company Sheakley, leads by example. Dedicating a phenomenal amount of time and energy to community service initiatives and nonprofit work, Sheakley’s altruistic actions motivate his employees to involve themselves in volunteer efforts.

Currently, Sheakley serves on the board for the Cincinnati Music Hall Revitalization Committee and is actively involved with both the Oversight Committee of the Partnership for a Greater Cincinnati and the Lighthouse Youth Organization.

He has been the chairman of the Cincinnati Art Museum, co-chair of the Cincinnati Opera Capital Campaign, vice chair of the Taft Museum of Art, a board member of the Cincinnati Fine Arts Fund and a member of the Cincinnati Ballet Building Committee. He has held the positions of president of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of America local chapter and co-chair of Team in Training and Leadership Campaign board member for United Way.

Additionally, Sheakley has worked in the past to benefit Ohio employers as the president of the National Association of Unemployment Tax Organizations and as a member of the Governor’s Task Force on Employment Services in Ohio.

Sheakley, which provides business services such as payroll, human resources and workers’ compensation, was founded in 1963 as Raymond Sheakley & Associates. Purchased in 1980 by Larry A. Sheakley as a business with less than $1 million in sales and concentration in only one area, Sheakley has grown into a successful company of more than 2,000 employees with headquarters in Cincinnati and a total of nine regional offices in Ohio, Iowa and Tennessee.