How LeasePlan USA invests in its people to provide top-notch fleet services

Michael A. Pitcher, President and CEO, LeasePlan USA

LeasePlan USA, which provides vehicle leasing and fleet management solutions, strives to make service its competitive advantage in every aspect of its business. As a service-oriented company, LeasePlan regards its people as its product. The company doesn’t produce anything tangible and its prices aren’t the lowest in the industry, so its leaders recognize that LeasePlan has to provide exceptional service in order to stand apart from its competition.

Under the guidance of President and CEO Michael A. Pitcher, LeasePlan invests a great deal in the development of its people. LeasePlan’s customers foster long-standing business relationships with the individuals that make up its team, and the investment in human capital provides a positive return when LeasePlan reaches its customer satisfaction goals based on its performance in exceeding the client’s expectations.

LeasePlan provides employees with customer service and leadership training in a number of formats, including computer-based programs, audio books and a mentoring program. With a training initiative known as LeasePlan Academy, the company encourages employees to take the time to invest in their own personal development by obtaining 40 hours of training credits per year.

LeasePlan’s customer service philosophy is unique. In a time of impersonal, technology-driven customer service, the company prides itself on being a high-touch provider of premium service driven by people who are among the best employees in the industry — and who are complemented but not replaced by technology. And the company’s approach has proven to be successful, as evidenced by its recent client satisfaction and loyalty scores.

“LeasePlan has been a valued partner for the past five years,” says Tom Armstrong, fleet director for ThyssenKrupp Elevator Americas. “Their flexibility and willingness to modify their programs to fit our needs has been extremely beneficial for our fleet operations.”

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