How lessons learned from a successful RNC can work for your business, too

Cleveland is still basking in the afterglow of a successful Republican National Convention this past summer. The city’s peaceful party for thousands from around the world remains a point of pride for Northeast Ohio and its leaders.

The positive outcome was in contrast to the negative predictions beforehand. Many in the media and city feared the weeklong event would be filled with violence, chaos and trouble.

The fact that Cleveland succeeded in the face of adversity is what I call Resilience in Motion or Harnessing the Power of Stress. The tools to achieve this success are the same needed in other stressful situations to turn something potentially bad — missing your flight, losing business —  into something good.

You can use these same tools to build resiliency and success in your company, especially when predictions are dire or times are tough. Here are some tools:

■  Prepare: The RNC succeeded in large part because its organizers were prepared and ready for almost anything, including disruption. The police presence was heavy but at the same time, local leaders positioned welcoming, watchful ambassadors everywhere. Business leaders can take the same approach when facing a tough or uncertain time at their company: Prepare and know your strengths.

■  Connect: The success of the RNC required Clevelanders to be united no matter their politics or affiliation. Everyone rallied around our city; we were “All In.” We knew the goal: safety and promoting our city in a positive way. To achieve this, that meant big and small acts of kindness, including offering a warm hug to a visitor or stranger. Businesses should foster this same sense of connection and team-building to succeed.

■  Be mindful and present: Despite the negative predictions and anxiety surrounding the convention, local leaders kept focused on the present, what they could do at that moment to be aware and prepare.
It wasn’t by chance the convention succeeded. Lots of people worked at it. It was like a perfect orchestra beautifully conducted. Businesses can conduct their own beautiful music, too, by staying focused on what leaders and employees can do in the present to prepare, succeed and move forward.

■  Be grateful: Local RNC organizers believed visitors would see the greatness in Cleveland once they were here.

And perhaps more importantly, they were open to the possibility of a good outcome from the convention. They were grateful for the opportunity to showcase Cleveland. They knew the convention would be full of stress but through teamwork and gratitude, they could achieve something great. Business can heed the same lesson: Once you set a goal, it influences everything you do.

Dr. Françoise Adan is medical director at University Hospitals Connor Integrative Health Network