How creates matches for hospitals seeking temporary physicians

R. Shane Jackson, President,

Founded in 1995, is a staffing agency dedicated to helping U.S. hospitals find qualified temporary physicians. The company’s larger mission is to improve the quality of health care by ensuring that patients have access to medical providers whenever and wherever they need them through the use of innovative staffing solutions.’s associates take pride in the fact that due to their efforts, many patients across the country have access to vital health care services they wouldn’t otherwise have. The company’s service promise outlines the guiding principles under which it operates. This promise is distributed to all health care facility clients and health care providers, setting expectations up front on what the company’s level of service should be and providing contact information for the company’s top executives if the promise isn’t met.

Under the leadership of President and COO R. Shane Jackson, has built a culture where service is its key differentiator. The company’s tagline, “Obsessively Dedicated to You,” was derived from customer testimonials from physicians who wrote about the dedication of the company’s associates in finding assignments that were perfect fits. ensures that it stays focused on customer service by continually measuring and analyzing its service to health care facilities and the physicians it places into temporary positions. After each assignment is complete, surveys both the health care facility client and the physician it placed there.

“Whatever the challenge may be, delivers,” says Rexanne Griffeth, physician recruiter for Hannibal Regional Hospital. “The staff is always willing to do whatever it takes to make me, the customer, satisfied. I receive multiple contacts on a daily basis asking for my business with locum providers. However, I have not needed to explore those offers due to the dedication of the team.”

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