How Main Street Cupcakes goes above and beyond to please

Sarah Forrer and Kimberly Martin

Sarah Forrer and Kimberly Martin, co-owners, Main Street Cupcakes

When someone asks Main Street Cupcakes co-owner Sarah Forrer what business she and fellow co-owner and founder Kimberly Martin are in, she always responds that she’s in the customer service business, and their product just happens to be cupcakes.

But behind that tasty product is a team of people who will do anything to make sure that their customers are satisfied — even a single customer. For instance, one customer loved one particular flavor of cupcake that the store served, but with 230 flavors of cupcakes and only 12 to 20 that are made each day, that customer’s favorite flavor wasn’t always on the menu. When an order is placed for it, the owners contact this customer to tell her they have it available that day. The first time they called, she was shocked they had remembered her and delighted to treat herself — and she came in on a day she wasn’t planning to.

Another customer is attempting to eat all 230 flavors in a year, so whenever a flavor pops up on the menu that she hasn’t tried, the owners contact her on Facebook and let her know a new flavor is available.

But customer service comes with challenges, too. When the Cavs contacted them to order 100 dozen cupcakes, it was a great order, but each dozen had to go to a different location. This was a challenge for a company that doesn’t normally deliver, but Forrer and Martin wanted to wow the Cavs and show the team that they could service above and beyond the normal protocol. The company rallied together and 10 people headed out with 10 deliveries each, which took each driver about seven hours to complete because the orders went from Columbus to Youngstown to Mentor to Elyria. Despite the challenge, it went well, and now the company has a great relationship with the Cavs. Stories like this make Main Street Cupcakes sweet to eat and sweeter to work with.

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