How Manny and George Hernandez embarked on an adventure to start Solo Printing

Manny Hernandez, president, Solo Printing, Inc.

Manny Hernandez, president, Solo Printing, Inc.

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Manny Hernandez
George Hernandez Sr.
Vice President
Solo Printing Inc.

Before Manny and George Hernandez started Solo Printing in 1985, they were sales representatives for a print shop enterprise — and they learned that customers came back not only for the product but for the service and the quality.

So the brothers set out on an adventure to bring their own high standards of service and quality to a competitive and demanding industry. Since they were now independent from big corporation attitudes and planning methods, they could make their own decisions and implement techniques and strategies.

George Hernandez Sr., Vice President, Solo Printing Inc.

George Hernandez Sr., Vice President, Solo Printing Inc.

One last hurdle remained: no one would readily lend them money for the equipment required for even a small commercial print shop.  They finally found someone to believe in them and began printing letterhead stationery and fliers in a 1,400-sq. ft. warehouse. It was a simple beginning but it allowed them to remain committed to their vision. Success came immediately and they were able to preserve their business idea unaltered.

The brothers believe a successful business is all about teamwork. The employees at Solo Printing have enabled the company to differentiate itself from the competition. By having skilled workers want to work for a company that has quality equipment, is busy and treats them well, the brothers ensure a reputation for quality, service and price competitiveness. In 2012, for instance, the 130-employee company set record sales.

Among the incentives Solo Printing offers employees is a quarterly bonus program, annual raises and bonuses even throughout the tough economy. The brothers are on the print shop floor on a daily basis making sure that everyone is happy and teaming up to define solutions should issues arise.

One of Solo Printing’s crowning achievements was receiving an industry award of G7 Master Certification, granted to printing facilities required to use the G7 Proof-to-Print Process and use the most modern technology, techniques and printing press controls to produce a close visual match from proof to print. Solo Printing has been recognized by the South Florida Business Journal as one of the region’s fastest growing companies.

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