How Marous Brothers Construction creates lasting client relationships

Chip Marous Jr.

Adelbert "Chip" Marous Jr., president, Marous Brothers Construction Inc.

At Marous Brothers Construction Inc., there are no customers. There are just clients. As a family owned and operated company, Marous Brothers still runs its business with the values it was founded on more than 30 years ago, specifically a commitment to building lasting client relationships and maintaining long-term business partnerships.

Marous Brothers President Adelbert “Chip” Marous Jr. uses this relationship-based sales model to drive the company’s goal of 100 percent client retention. In fact, 90 percent of the firm’s work is generated either through referrals or repeat business. With such strong client relationships, it’s no wonder Marous’ employees prefer using the term “clients” rather than “customers” to describe businesses that seek the company’s services.

In running a family business, the Marous brothers know that fostering strong relationships is the key to keeping clients coming back again and again. So one way they do that is by making sure every client of the company is treated like family. As a client of Marous Brothers, you are always in business with family, whether it’s working with Chip or one of the company’s other principals — his brothers Scott and Ken Marous are COO and vice president respectively — throughout the sales, pre-construction and construction processes.

But to make sure employees can deliver top client service, you have to give them the right resources, as well, which is why Marous Brothers provides a strategic relationship-management tool called the Marous Way for its 650 employees. The tool outlines steps for employees to manage and meet client expectations in all phases of a project. Client input is invited and evaluated throughout a project’s timeline, with client evaluation surveys provided in intervals to find out any issues proactively and ensure continued client satisfaction. Even between projects Marous Brothers team members are always in touch with clients, whether it’s extending them invitations to seminars, checking on their satisfaction with past projects, sending articles about industry updates and events, or inquiring about new project ideas.

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