How Matthew Condon is using technology as key differentiator for ARC Physical Therapy+

Matthew J. Condon, CEO, ARC Physical Therapy+

Matthew J. Condon, CEO, ARC Physical Therapy+

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Matthew J. Condon


ARC Physical Therapy+


Growing up on a farm in rural Iowa, Matthew J. Condon learned nothing in this world comes easily. But it was after he was injured on the Iowa State University football field that he understood the importance of exceptional physical therapy.

Starting ARC Physical Therapy+ 10 years ago with the goal of simply providing excellent physical therapy service, ARC has grown to be an information technology company that is redefining employer wellness programs by utilizing technology and data reporting to build customized programs.

ARC sets itself apart by giving clients innovative protocols, outcome reporting and management, and adopting of some of the industry’s leading-edge technologies and processes. For example, ARC tracks data to tell who would be the best medical care provider to an employee, based on the injury sustained and the employee’s demographics.

As CEO, Condon has successfully grown the company from a one-site physical therapy location with 300 patient visits to a multi-location business now serving 75,000-patient visits per year.

While the core business remains unchanged, the company’s tremendous growth has been the result of an environment where employees strive to meet the highest industry standards with creativity and innovation. Nearly all of the walls of ARC’s corporate office are painted with a special paint that essentially acts as one big whiteboard. This allows for a personalized workspace and the ability to freely brainstorm new ideas.

In line with the company’s external data reporting, Condon created a system to internally track therapist data related to patient service, creating a healthy sense of competition.

Even with the challenge of navigating the impacts of health care reform, Condon takes great pride in the fact that ARC has absolutely no debt.

In the future, he plans to start expanding into new geographic areas in Iowa, Nebraska and Oklahoma, while specifically targeting areas in the 17 states where workers’ compensation is employer directed.

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