How Michael Jarrett keeps Jarrett Logistics on the right path

Entrepreneurial Spirit Award

Michael Jarrett, president, Jarrett Logistics Systems Inc.ichael Jarrett brought with him an extensive background in transportation management when he founded Jarrett Logistics Systems Inc. in 1999. Fourteen years later, it’s that experience and the strong work ethic he has instilled in the organization at every level that continue to propel the company’s growth.

JLS specializes in transportation management services for manufacturing companies, wholesalers and distributors who ship or receive products from all over the world. That service is provided in a customized manner developed through detailed conversations between the company and its customers.

JLS embraces the uniqueness of the customer’s needs for a particular job to develop a customized solution that will get that job done. Such attention to detail has become even more critical at a time when the global economy is still uncertain and companies are very cautious about their expenses.

Companies in all lines of work are being forced to take a closer look at their costs, including those that affect their supply chain. Transportation costs may be a deciding factor in determining how competitive a business is within the marketplace.

As the company’s president, Jarrett understands how important cost is to his customers. But he knows that it’s not just about money. It’s the bottom line, of course, but customers also want to know they are getting value for that money. It’s why JLS works hard to develop solutions that are customized and address specific needs.

Through its centralized routing center, JLS allows customers to gain more control over their supply chain, become more cost effective and increase efficiencies. Customers are assigned a dedicated logistics coordinator as well as a customer account team who understand the customer’s business requirements.

All suppliers must contact the routing center for routing instructions. This allows the company the ability to route all shipments on the appropriate carrier based on shipment characteristics such as location, weight, size and cost. This ensures that the customer will not incur any unnecessary freight charges.

Customers may contact the routing center for assistance on outbound orders, access its online order-entry system or receive a routing guide and continue to work directly with the carriers. JLS also manages freight-bill audit and payment services, carrier performance and reporting.

The company’s proprietary software allows customers to access information online such as order entry, quotes, tracking and reporting in order to manage their day-to-day shipments.

The attention to detail has positioned JLS as a reliable partner in the transportation management industry. Business ethics, employee character and operational efficiency are key tenets in Jarrett’s entrepreneurial leadership philosophy at JLS.

The approach has worked well wherever Jarrett has been, including his eight-year tenure with Caliber Logistics where he managed multiple routing center operations, directed the implementation of new accounts and was responsible for negotiating carrier contracts.

In everything Jarrett does, he thinks about the customer’s needs, and it’s a key reason why JLS has experienced consistent growth.

The company is now an eight-time honoree at the Cascade Capital Growth Business Awards. Sales grew 18 percent from 2011 to 2012 and are up 49 percent over 2010. Jarrett plans to maintain a high-growth mode by continuing to invest heavily in two key areas: integrity-based, skilled people and leading-edge supply chain technology. ●


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