How Moen Inc. creates products and service with customers in mind

David Lingafelter, President, Moen Inc.

David Lingafelter, President, Moen Inc.

WCCS 2013 – Moen Inc.

At Moen Inc., service excellence is not merely a promise but an absolute. Everything Moen does in its service operations process is engineered to exceed the goal of creating Moen advocates for life.

Moen, a manufacturer of kitchen and bath faucets, showerheads, accessories, bath safety products and kitchen sinks, builds its service with the customer in mind. In fact, one of the four pillars of the Moen brand is “best-in-class customer service.”

President David Lingafelter helps ensure that the company is following its consumer services vision statement, which is, “To champion a growing, self-sustaining service offering that manages risk, offers value to our stakeholders, drives growth, and protects and builds the brand while creating ‘Moen Advocates’ for life.”

The company thrives off word-of-mouth from its consumers. Moen’s world-class service culture not only amazes consumers, but they also find themselves raving about its service to everyone they meet. Moen proudly admits that many of its consumer advocates have been developed through its exceptional service offering, which has stood the test of time from generation to generation.

Moen’s objective in warranty and technical support is to offer solutions that “wow” consumers. The Moen tagline states, “Buy it For Looks, Buy it For Life,” and the company accepts the challenge of exceeding that promise every day.

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