How Moen Inc. trains its new employees to deliver the best service possible

David Lingafelter, President, Moen Inc.

It’s not an easy task to become a new associate in Moen’s consumer service department. Every new hire spends 500 hours in intense classroom training to learn about Moen products, processes, warranties, and much more. This dedication to customer service detail is exactly what President David Lingafelter and Moen Inc., strive for.

Moen Inc. is the No. 1 faucet brand in North America, manufacturing kitchen and bath faucets, showerheads, accessories, bath safety products and kitchen sinks for residential and commercial applications. The company puts an increased focus on consumer service training so new hires understand the importance of a satisfied customer and one that continues to come back to Moen products.

Much of those 500 hours of training is delivered in a classroom setting of small groups of 10 or less associates to ensure excellent one-on-one training. Following that initial training each new hire goes on to spend one year in a training/mentoring program focused on understanding who the Moen customer is and how to best serve their needs.

This process is tough and the company realizes that not everyone can be part of the consumer services department. The company hires a third party service to recruit and screen potential applicants. Once hired, new associates work at Moen on a temporary basis for the first six months to ensure a good fit. If the employee does what is expected and more, they are moved to full-time employment.

Providing best-in-class customer service is one of the pillars on which Moen is founded and continues to thrive. Beyond just new hires, Moen encourages all existing employees to visit the consumer services department on an annual basis. Those who do find the experience priceless, as it reinforces the reason why Moen has been established — to create Moen advocates for life.

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