How PartsSource fills customer needs properly

A. Ray Dalton, founder and CEO, PartsSource Inc.

A. Ray Dalton, founder and CEO, PartsSource Inc.

Inside the corporate headquarters of PartsSource Inc., you’ll find a whiteboard that reads, “The customer is not always right. The customer is always the customer!”

It’s an acknowledgement that there are times when a customer is in the wrong. But any business that prides itself on providing exceptional service understands that you don’t gain anything by arguing with a customer whom you believe to be wrong. Rather, it’s your job to gain an understanding of the problem and find a way to solve it.

It’s a philosophy that has enabled PartsSource to become a leading provider of medical replacement parts. The company is led by A. Ray Dalton, founder and CEO, and follows a philosophy to do whatever it takes to get customers what they need.

PartsSource works with its customers to locate the parts they need, but then sticks with them throughout the process to make sure the order is filed and then fulfilled properly. This includes a call to verify delivery and confirm that the package contains exactly what was ordered. The effort to be responsive in times of need is continually refined to provide a level of comfort for customers that PartsSource will be there when needed.

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