How Paul Demirdjian saw a growing need and filled a void by founding Jagged Peak

Paul Demirdjian CEO Jagged Peak

Paul Demirdjian
Jagged Peak



Paul Demirdjian
Jagged Peak

Early in his career, Paul Demirdjian had been involved in developing software applications to facilitate process efficiencies, enhance customer service and product delivery. At the time, he knew he was only scratching the surface of the potential that Web-based technologies held.

He envisioned that websites of the ’90s would quickly evolve from simple information presentation layers into transaction layers, enabling companies to interact with and sell to their customers.

This vision was accelerated by an experience he had dealing with an online electronics retailer whose call center couldn’t locate his order, nor did they know if the product was in stock.

Astounded to learn that the retailer’s website couldn’t access inventory information, Demirdjian realized there was a growing need for a software platform that could allow companies to integrate disparate systems so that real-time information could be aggregated in one database with one administrative environment and one branded customer experience.

In 1999, Demirdjian started Internet Business Integrated Solutions to pursue his vision and began building architecture for what would become Jagged Peak’s flagship software — EDGE. After founding IBIS, he realized he needed additional expertise. In 2000, Demirdjian merged IBIS with Compass Marketing Solutions to form Jagged Peak.

In 2009, Jagged Peak was approached by a global consumer products company with a difficult challenge that revealed a major competitive advantage. The client needed a single solution provider that could create B2B and B2C web stores, provide order management, set up and manage distribution, as well as the warehouse and transportation management systems, and they needed it fast.

Jagged Peak was able to deliver within 60 days because EDGE is web-based, so rather than installation, it merely requires configuration and activation. It also spans the entire eCommerce ecosystem, handling everything from order capture to order management to order fulfillment.

Since then, Jagged Peak’s EDGE platform has been recognized as a best-in-class ECP and OMS.

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