How Paul Glantz creates a better movie-going experience for Emagine Entertainment guests

Paul Glantz

Paul Glantz, founder and chairman, Emagine Entertainment Inc.

Paul Glantz started his business with a simple philosophy – success is borne out of serving the customer. So when he launched the theater company Emagine Entertainment Inc., his goal was to provide an exemplary movie-going experience for consumers. He set out to learn as much as he could about the film industry and found that one of his major obstacles was securing the films themselves because of the practices of large film distributors that favored older theaters in the markets that Emagine was entering. It took some convincing to change the restraint of trade practice in the industry in the industry, but he eventually secured Emagine’s access to all new feature film releases.

It was just the beginning for Glantz’s plan to shake things up by reimagining the way people watch movies. Once he raised the capital and created his futurist theater with Cinema Hollywood, he then worked tirelessly in the community and on advertising campaigns to make consumers aware of the theaters’ innovative product offerings. Glantz quickly won over customers with features such as stadium seating, availability of alcoholic beverages and high standards of cleanliness and food quality. And he didn’t stop there.

As chairman of Emagine, Glantz continues to look for ways to improve the customer’s movie-going experience, whether it’s in presentation, construction or seating. Luxury seating and motion-controlled chairs are now offered at all Emagine locations and in 2005, the theater chain became the first in the world to offer 100 percent digital projection for enhanced viewing. Then in May, he opened Emagine Royal Oak movie complex, which includes private bowling lanes complemented with 10 luxury movie auditoriums.

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