How Rick Stollmeyer refused to give up on a deal that helped Mindbody take a big step

Rick Stollmeyer, CEO, Mindbody, Inc.

Rick Stollmeyer, CEO, Mindbody, Inc.

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Rick Stollmeyer would not have been the only person to put a potentially life-altering business deal on hold in the fall of 2001.

The fact that this deal involved expanding his business to New York City, which was still grasping to find some sense of normalcy in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, only gave Stollmeyer more justification to hold off.

But as soon as the airports opened again, Stollmeyer dismissed the fears that many felt about flying so soon after the attacks and headed to New York to finish the deal for Mindbody, Inc. The client could not believe that Stollmeyer had made the trip, but ultimately signed off on the deal because he had made the trip. It got even better when Stollmeyer realized that a woman he had met on this leap-of-faith trip would eventually become the woman he would marry.

A strong work ethic, commitment to getting the job done, and the ability to remain focused and tune out distractions are traits that Stollmeyer took from his experience in the U.S. Navy. They each helped him build Mindbody into the largest cloud-based software provider in the health, wellness and beauty industries.

The business is run on a foundation of Stollmeyer’s personal leadership traits. One of his greatest successes is actually his inability to integrate into the typical corporate environment. He tried the more corporate approach but after witnessing the lack of compassion, drive and deeper meaning that came with it, he decided to unleash his own entrepreneurial spirit and hasn’t looked back since.

Stollmeyer expects a lot from his employees and values competence and character in every person who works for him. Compassion is the third of the three Cs that are important to him. He wants employees to care about their colleagues as much as they do themselves. The result is a vibrant and productive work environment, and a company that continues to grow.

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