How Sam Falletta’s thirst for challenges drives Incept Corp.’s growth

Cascade Capital Awards 2013  

Service Category/Employee Growth/Established
Sam Falletta, president and CEO, Incept Corp. 

If you work for Sam Falletta, you don’t need to worry about his reaction when you bring him a problem. One of his greatest passions as president and CEO of Incept Corp. is coming up with a solution to a client or co-worker’s challenge.

It’s no doubt a key reason why Incept has become a successful business where people like to work.

During the past five years, Incept has nearly doubled the size of its workforce and realized a pretax profit increase of more than 375 percent. The business process outsourcing firm specializes in call center and social media support services for the biomedical, software and automotive industries.

Incept has created a strong employee culture based on the Lead by Culture philosophy developed by It combines a commitment to people with the employment of best industry practices and promotes productive peer-to-peer and superior-to-subordinate communication across all levels of the organization.

Employees not only work well together on the job, but also bond through the company’s philanthropic efforts. In 2009, the company established a committee to manage its charitable fund, which is comprised of entry-level and senior executives and manages.

According to Falletta, the growth of the company’s staff and revenue are a direct result of the company’s community-driven corporate culture. In 2012, Incept grew its staff by 30 employees and is poised for continued growth in the years ahead. ● 

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