How Sandra Scott earned her way to the top of Sprint Industrial Holdings

Sandra Scott

Sandra Scott, CEO, Sprint Industrial Holdings

Sandra Scott was the first of her family to attend college — and that was only the beginning of accomplishments that include her rise from accounting clerk to CEO of Sprint Industrial Holdings.

By working part time, and with student and family loans, Scott finished college in three and a half years. Later, while working full time, she earned her MBA.

Early in life, her father taught her to subscribe to the value that there is no entitlement in life ― you have to earn your daily living through your performance. With those words of advice, Scott developed a passion for working, learning, reading and listening. Along the way, she was promoted to roles in human resource; health, safety and training; operations; as COO; as president; and to her current role as CEO of Sprint Industrial Holdings.

That last promotion was one of her biggest challenges, as she was taking over a company previously run by four entrepreneurs who had handpicked the employees. Some of the staff did not want to be held accountable to her strategic plan, resulting in her hiring new people for 11 of 18 sales roles. She also became the only female senior executive in the Texas Gulf Coast market for industrial cleaning and storage tanks.

Scott attributes her success to the great mentors who believed in her, pushed her and supported her MBA work at age 40, her hard work and being in the right place at the right time.

A big believer in continuing education, Scott requires sales and management staff to attend outside training classes. She also supports organizations outside of the work setting, including Goodwill Industries, the American Heart Association and the Greater Houston Partnership.

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