How Skoda Minotti keeps its clients current

Gregory Skoda, chairman, Skoda Minotti

Some accounting firms customarily contact their tax clients only around tax season, an approach that can result in missed opportunities for tax savings. Skoda Minotti, led by Chairman Gregory Skoda, makes it a practice to stay in touch with its clients year-round, whether it is simply preparing a tax return or providing other services to the client.

All of the professionals at Skoda Minotti are instructed to take a proactive approach to client service, which enables Skoda Minotti to identify common needs among clients and, when appropriate, to fill those needs in-house. This was the case with several service offerings the firm began providing in recent years, such as professional staffing, business valuations, technology, telecommunications, litigation, small business services and marketing.

In addition to helping its clients grow via its business and financial services, Skoda Minotti keeps its clients updated on developments in the industries related to their businesses. On a quarterly basis, the firm sends its clients electronic updates with their choices from about 200 different industries.

Skoda Minotti publishes monthly e-newsletters with industry news and business articles for several of its niche service areas, and monthly and quarterly industry-specific newsletters covering information technology, real estate, construction, business valuation, litigation advisory, nonprofit and employee benefit plans. In addition, the firm’s professionals maintain a blog that is updated several times a week with news and analysis.

One of the most important customer service benefits that Skoda Minotti’s clients receive is the knowledge and expertise of the firm’s staff. Skoda Minotti’s partners have owned and operated businesses in the past, so they can provide insight to clients in that area. And the firm keeps its entire staff at a high level of technical expertise, with a commitment to offering 1.5 to two times the industry average of continuing professional education.

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