How Speedemissions maintains great service by keeping a close eye on its stores

Rich Parlontieri, President and CEO, Speedemissions

Hanging on the wall at each of Speedemissions’ 38 stores in Atlanta, Houston, St. Louis and Salt Lake City is a larged glass-framed sign that reads, “If we don’t treat you like you treat others, I want to know about it.” It’s signed by Rich Parlontieri, Speedemissions’ president and CEO, and it includes his phone number and email address.

The sign sends two messages. First, every employee knows that any customer can call the CEO directly at any time. It’s a subtle reminder of how serious the company is about quality customer service.

Additionally, customers see that if Speedemissions is not performing at a level consistent with their expectations, they have an outlet to express their dissatisfaction.

In the employee interview process, Speedemissions, which conducts vehicle emission and safety inspections, looks for workers who have a personality that extends far beyond the robotic style of most retail customer service today. And refresher training classes are held to keep employees’ focus not just on the company’s core business, but on other business units that may be targeted for future growth.

Parlontieri, Speedemissions’ CEO, visits every store regularly throughout the year. Some visits are announced, some are not. And the company also occasionally deploys mystery shoppers. All of these visits create a system of oversight that lends itself to a high level of customer service.

“We had our vehicle inspected recently at one of your locations,” says Jan Andres of Acworth, Ga. “There were several cars ahead of us, but your tech ran over, greeted us and said he would be with us soon. It was a pleasant surprise. He was efficient, personable and very pleasant. He had a welcoming smile and kind words. I found out he was a new employee. What a find for your company!”

How to reach: Speedemissions Inc., (770) 306-7667,

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