How SS&G maintains consistent client service

Gary Shamis and Mark Goldfarb, managing directors, SS&G

The customer service philosophy of SS&G, led by its managing directors, Gary Shamis and Mark Goldfarb, is to provide exceptional service to all clients regardless of their size or profitability. Whether SS&G prepares a client’s taxes, performs an audit, or provides financial consultation, the firms strives to show every client it is committed to meeting their needs.

SS&G believes in investing in its relationships with its clients. The firm practices reciprocity for its services by engaging clients for their products and services. SS&G has a policy of working with clients before engaging outside vendors, sometimes putting aside cost in favor of giving business to its clients. Among the client products and services SS&G uses are printed and promotional material, cleaning services, copiers and interior landscaping. And SS&G recommends its clients’ products and services to others whenever appropriate.

At the start of each client relationship, SS&G provides a welcome packet to help the client become acquainted with the firm and its offerings. The packet includes a personal letter and literature about SS&G’s mission, resources available exclusively to SS&G clients and the level of service they can expect to receive. And to get to know clients outside of the office, SS&G invites them to sporting events, award banquets, and networking and social events.

SS&G has lower staff turnover than the national average, which helps ensure that its clients receive consistent service year after year.

SS&G makes a charitable donation each year in its clients’ honor to organizations with a presence in each of the communities in which the firm operates. During the most recent holiday season, SS&G made a donation to Alex’s Lemonade Stand dedicated to fighting childhood cancer. Each client received a holiday card informing them of the gesture made by SS&G on their behalf.

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