How Staffmark creates programs that work for each customer

Lesa Francis

Lesa Francis, president and CEO, Staffmark

Customer solutions at Staffmark are a lot like snowflakes: You’re not very likely to see any two solutions that look alike. That’s because programs are built around individual customer needs and developed specifically to deal with whatever that customer is looking for.

As a big player in the staffing industry, that individualized touch is something that has helped Staffmark stand out from its competition under the leadership of President and CEO Lesa Francis.

Surveys are conducted on a regular basis to assess how current programs are faring and identify potential areas where improvements can be made. The results are broken down on many levels to ensure that trends can be spotted and either encouraged or changed to help Staffmark stay ahead.

Communication is underscored at every level. Whether it’s an on-site manager visiting a customer location or through the employee evaluation process, dialogue is maintained so that everyone is up to speed with what is going on in the company.

The company also takes a longer view. Staffmark conducted an internal project that reviewed the habits of employees within its most successful branches with the highest customer retention. From that study, the Passionate Performers Profile was created. It is defined as “exceptional ideas only become reality through the actions of those individuals passionate about bringing them to life.”

The idea is to build great employees in the organization who can share their energy and enthusiasm with others and make the company that much better at what it does. It also serves as a way to reward employees who meet the ideas of this profile and live those values in the way they conduct themselves at work. That fits right in with the idea of “exceptional people and exemplary results” that the company and its employees live by.

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