How the Akron-Canton Airport fosters innovative service

Richard McQueen, President and CEO, Akron-Canton Airport

Akron-Canton Airport isn’t just popular for its airfare rates, which are the lowest in the region on average. It’s also an innovation leader in the airport industry, continuously adding and improving on features and amenities to promote both the ease and comfort of travelers coming through the facility.

President and CEO Richard B. McQueen leads the airport in creating such efficiencies, ensuring customers reach their destinations as quickly and as stress-free as possible. CAK employs people — not machines — to provide customer service, as well as general and flight information, via the airport, phone or social media outlets. Information desk staff can be reached daily until midnight, while Web-based questions are routed to specific departments and answered on the same day that they are received. Skycaps are also available to lend a helping hand and push wheelchairs — run through CAK’s new wheelchair sanitizer — through the airport.

But efficiency and quality of service isn’t enough at CAK. The airport goes to great lengths to ensure customers are also comfortable during their time within the facility. Professionals can enjoy the quiet, free-of-charge business lounge, complete with comfortable chairs, computers, a printer and a fax machine. Those looking to escape work can enjoy massage chairs in the relaxation stations, available throughout the terminal. And children won’t ask, “Are we there yet?” when they enter the CAK Playport. Free Wi-Fi also enables customers to pass the time, as well as download CAK’s iTunes playlist.

Additionally, CAK recently completed a $5 million project to build a new food court and add a completely new screening area. State-of-the-art screening equipment was installed, as well as additional screening lanes to speed travelers along to their gates. For those looking to pick up passengers, they can simply pull into the free waiting area and wait in their car while monitoring flights on arrival screens.

How to reach: Akron-Canton Airport, (330) 499-4059 or

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