How the Hospice of the Western Reserve provides dignity and peace to patients

William Finn, CEO, Western Hospice Reserve

William Finn, CEO, Hospice of the Western Reserve

Hospice of the Western Reserve Inc. CEO William Finn knows there is only one opportunity to make it right for the patients and families who interact with his organization and his team.

“Our mission is to assure that the patient has everything he or she needs in order to manage pain and symptoms in an environment of dignity and peace,” he says. “We walk with them through this journey that for many is their first experience with death and dying.”

This begins with a well-trained staff.

Hospice of the Western Reserve’s Admissions Team receives in-depth education designed to reframe their “first face” role. This includes formulating best-practice language tailored to a patient’s specific needs, as well as learning how to view each encounter with a patient or family member as an opportunity to offer access to the right level of care they need versus creating the perception that they’re being sold a service.

A unique solution Finn’s team provides is bereavement support and crisis intervention to the community-at-large. For example, when a teacher, police officer or student dies, Hospice of the Western Reserve provides immediate phone consultation and often on-site services.

As a result, the Elisabeth Prentiss Severance Bereavement Center has garnered recognition as a source of expert advice related to school crisis response.

How to reach: Hospice of the Western Reserve Inc., or (216) 383-2222