How the Marriott Cleveland East stays above the crowd in service to customers

Kenny Didier, General Manager, Marriott Cleveland East

Within a mile radius of the Marriott Cleveland East, there are at least 10 other lodging establishments where a guest can stay. But those 10 aren’t Marriott hotels.

“We know that if we don’t provide world-class customer service, our guests can choose another lower-priced alternative,” says General Manager Kenny Didier. “By following our mission statement and providing genuine care to our guests, they will keep coming back.”

Marriott’s mission statement is about serving the associates, the customer, and the community. Marriott’s fundamental beliefs are enduring and are key to its continued success.

“We make it our mission and goal to give both business and leisure travelers the extra warmth and hospitality that makes staying at the Marriott Cleveland East like being at their home rather than at a hotel,” Didier says.

To facilitate the empowered associate culture at the hotel, a Guest at Risk program has been established to resolve guest inconveniences and problems. A guest at risk is a guest who has been identified as being at risk of having a less than perfect experience. Accordingly, the hotel makes a point to deliver absolute resolution regardless of the severity of the problem. The issue is documented into a computer program called Guestware. The guest receives follow-up calls to make sure there are no further needs.

After six months of this program, the hotel is proud to say it started 2012 consistently ranked in the top 5 percent of all Marriott Hotels when ranked for overall satisfaction by guests.

To deliver world-class customer service, it all starts with hiring the right person with the right attitude. After a careful selection process that includes testing conducted by the Gallup organization, successful candidates are brought on board and mentored by a seasoned trainer. Customer service hires receive additional training to develop their skills, including lecture, role play, multimedia and guest testimonials to instill the Marriott’s world-class culture even more.

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