How The Ritz-Carlton provides effective, impressive service

Kelly Steward, general manager, The Ritz-Carlton, Cleveland

Kelly Steward, general manager, The Ritz-Carlton, Cleveland

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Co. launched a new process in 2012 to ensure every employee at Ritz-Carlton hotels around the world are working toward a wildly important goal, or a W.I.G.

By following Stephen Covey’s guide, “The Four Disciplines of Execution,” Ritz-Carlton hotel teams like Kelly Steward, general manager of The Ritz-Carlton, Cleveland and her staff, focus on the most important objectives, define actions to establish a standard for performance, and showcase clear measurements and accountability.

What could be the most important goal for The Ritz-Carlton, Cleveland? — Guest engagement. The hotel’s W.I.G is to achieve a certain percentage of guest engagement on its Guest Satisfaction Index Scorecard. With the W.I.G. in place, each department within The Ritz-Carlton, Cleveland creates measurements as to how it can aid in achieving the W.I.G. For example, the front desk team created measurements to ensure they say a guest’s name at least three times during check-in or during an interaction. Every employee has a clear measurement to complete on a weekly basis over the year in order to achieve the W.I.G.

The departments create scoreboards to measure their weekly successes and opportunities to improve and corporate calls are held to ensure the hotel is staying on track. The Ritz-Carlton’s overall goal is to provide effective, impressive service.


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