How the state can help your safety efforts

How the state can help your safety efforts

By Ray Marano

Looking for a way to cut 5 percent off your workers’ compensation insurance premiums? Form a workplace safety committee that meets the state Bureau of Workers’ Compensation’s criteria.

In addition to giving a break on workers’ comp premiums, PENNSAFE, a program of the state’s Department of Labor, coordinates a variety of technical-assistance services to help employers set up and operate workplace safety committees. A technical-assistance manual also is available to employers who want to create such a program.

Other services are available as well. At the request of an employer, PENNSAFE will assign a representative to assess the technical-assistance services best suited for your needs. The consultation will provide a custom-designed plan and may include guidance in establishing a safety committee, assistance with an established committee or help in resolving specific safety-related issues.

You may be able to get some help from your peers, too. More than 1,000 employers in the state have agreed to help other employers start a safety committee or resolve health and safety issues. PENNSAFE can refer you to a company in your geographic area that will provide assistance.

To reach PENNSAFE, call (888) SAFE422.