How to achieve the critical balance of website usability, design, SEO and results

Beauty may often be in the eye of the beholder, but for business website design, beauty is as beauty does.

Kevin Hourigan, president and CEO of Bayshore Solutions, a Web design, Web development and Internet marketing agency, cautions business leaders that design itself is just a portion of today’s website requirements.

“Great Web design blends both art and science to powerfully balance all of the elements vital to the success of your website,” says Hourigan.

Smart Business spoke with Hourigan about how to ensure your website has a great design.

Why does great Web design = leads and sales?

This equation describes the cause and effect of a successful business website. ‘Design’ incorporates and balances all of the things that are important to your website’s success.

Different aspects of design address distinct purposes, channels and end-users. There are specific requirements when designing for:

  • Look and feel: communication of corporate brand and message.
  • SEO: competitive visibility and ‘friendliness’ to the various search engine crawlers.
  • Devices: consistent experiences for users of computers, smart phones, iPads, etc.
  • Results: navigation and usability to accelerate lead or sales conversions.

Great Web design produces an attractive, consistent approach for all audiences of your website: people, engines and devices.