How to grow your business through professional staffing

Andrew Devore, Managing Director, Skoda Minotti Professional Staffing

As we are coming out of this recession, companies are hiring again and staffing specialists can utilize their databases of qualified candidates to assist companies with filling critical openings with great candidates more quickly.

“The fact that companies are starting to hire again is a positive indicator for professionals, as well as companies,” says Andrew Devore, managing director of Skoda Minotti Professional Staffing. “For professionals, it gives them the opportunity to explore positions they wouldn’t have considered a couple of months or even a year ago. For companies, they can now look internally and externally for growth. Many companies have the financial resources to start growing their operations by adding new talent. They can add the professionals necessary to take them from where they are today to where they want to be down the road.”

Smart Business spoke with Devore about why a staffing firm might be the right solution for your company’s hiring needs.

Why should companies consider delegating their hiring to an outside staffing firm?

You can narrow this down to saving time, money and effort. Staffing professionals know who the ‘A’ candidates are in the market right now, and can best match them to the needs of a company. Through their day-to-day interactions with professionals, recruiters constantly have a pulse of who’s available and what opportunity will motivate them to make a change. Delegating your hiring can save the internal recruiter or internal HR department time and money because a staffing firm will already have a list of candidates. The firm can quickly identify a list through its own database and research, which helps the company get into the interview process quickly rather than going through countless resumes that came in through job boards.

What can a staffing agency add to the hiring process?

Recruiters have a pulse on what’s going on in the marketplace or within their niche. That is why they are truly subject matter experts in their industry. Many recruiters refer to it as The DIG model — discipline, industry and geography. Also, recruiters look beyond the resume. Often, companies will look at a resume and think a person isn’t a good fit. Staffing specialists understand that many professionals will use bullet points and provide general information in their resumes, so they look for their achievements and the potential benefits they will provide a company. A staffing specialist will ask the qualifying questions to gain a better understanding of what a professional’s daily tasks consist of and their real-life work experience so they can provide a company with a very thorough summary of that candidate’s background that complements their resume.