How to use these five powerful brand-building video strategies to share your message

They say “ a picture is worth a thousand words.” But Forrester Research says that “ a one minute video is worth 1.8 million words ”. According to Forrester, a page with video is 53 times more likely to be listed on the first page of Google search engine results pages.

And the statistics don’t end there. The latest eMarketer data claims that digital video will grow by 30.4 percent  in 2015 to a total of $7.77 billion. The average visitor spends 48 seconds on a website. But on a web page with video the visitor will spend an average of 5 minutes and 50 seconds. With online video quickly overtaking written content consumed on the Internet, businesses should seriously consider the potential of a professionally created video to build their brand.

Here are five simple ways to use video to build a brand.

Product Overview

Arguably the most famous product video is the “I’m a Mac, and I’m a PC” by Apple.

Product overview videos don’t necessarily have to be technical and complicated. They can be used to spark interest for further product research. The “I’m a Mac, and I’m a PC” videos were more than just product videos; they were used as a foundation to increase brand awareness and helped define Apple’s unique brand vision.

Case Studies / Portfolio

If you had the choice of reading a 10-page PDF case study or watching a two-minute video on a company’s work for a past client, which one would you choose? The most convenient choice would be the video. Cisco estimates that by 2019, 80 percent  of content consumed on the web will be video. This means that video will have higher engagement. Case studies don’t need to hibernate on your website, unleash them in the viral world of YouTube where they will have the potential to receive more views.

A visual case study in the form of video like this one by Fujitsu Global has received more than 3,000 views.

Content Marketing Supplement

If your content marketing strategy needs a boost in engagement, consider using video to create soundbites of your content. Your newsletter doesn’t need to be entirely text- and image-based, especially if you can create a video that summarizes the key points. If you spend time speaking at conferences and events, why not film the event? Raise repertoire with your customers by sharing videos of your speaking engagements.

If you create blog posts, share a quick video on your social media and link to the post. This will help create excitement and a desire to read your written post.

Lifestyle Videos

Lifestyle, or corporate videos like this one for Keller Williams help paint a picture for prospective employees.

The millennial generation is currently 54 million, or one third, of the workforce. Attracting the largest working generation will take more than an impressive company history or a high salary.

A survey by McCann World Group found that 90 percent  of millennials valued connection and community as their greatest need. To attract this generation, a recruiting video is not just an empty expense, but an opportunity to connect with more candidates. CareerBuilder has found that job posts with videos received 12 percent  more views and had an overall 34 percent  greater application rate.

Zendesk’s company video is another example of creatively portraying a company’s culture.

Tell Your Brand Story

In recent years, brand storytelling has risen to the top of marketing strategy lists. Formal and professional, yet cold “About Us” pages no longer resonate with prospects. Videos portraying a unique company founding have become the expectation. Video styles can be informational like this company culture video by Apple.

Or lighthearted like this one by Oscar Meyer.

With that said, company videos should not be like this one:

Transitioning to Video

There is no question that company videos are no longer a luxury but a necessity. May inspiration, creativity, and passion drive your next video!

Vitalina Planida is the digital sales director at Integrity Media Corp , an interactive media agency specializing in video production located in Orange County, California. She is also a freelance writer and covers various marketing topics. She can be contacted via email, [email protected] or LinkedIn.