How U.S. Security attentively guards customer service and satisfaction

Charles Schneider, CEO, U.S. Security Associates

U.S. Security Associates, the fourth-largest security guard provider in the United States with 140 branches in 46 states, operates in a business with very thin margins, so the company continuously seeks new ways to make customer service its chief competitive advantage.

Under the leadership of CEO Charles Schneider, U.S. Security says its mission is to maintain and constantly improve its partner relationship with both its clients and its employees via communication tools, state-of-the-art technology and accessible senior management.

The company values, which are reinforced throughout the organization, are to adhere to the principles of trust, ethics, lawfulness and honesty in every action and decision the employees undertake.

U.S. Security’s company vision is to become the best provider of uniformed security services in the United States using a unique formula of service and technology to achieve its mission of delivering excellence. The contributions of the company’s employees have enabled it to consistently exceed its annual goals for customer satisfaction and customer retention. The latest figures for those two metrics are 97 percent and 94 percent, respectively.

U.S. Security takes proactive measures to implement learning and performance improvement initiatives. The company provides training not only for the daily tasks required of its employees but also for human-relation skills needed to effectively interact with associates, subordinates, supervisors and managers.

U.S. Security recently launched an employee leadership and management development program. Courses appropriate for each level are assigned every quarter, and corporate new hires are required to be given an orientation on their responsibilities and on-the-job training. All new hires are assigned to the training program after their first 30 days of employment. This program enables the company’s management to ensure the delivery of outstanding customer service and to lead the employees under their responsibility by example.

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