How Vanessa Valera Nolte and Diego Valera are shaking up the houseware industry at Holstein Housewares/Distrivalto

Vanessa Valera Nolte,  co-founder, Holstein Housewares/Distrivalto

Vanessa Valera Nolte,
co-founder, Holstein Housewares/Distrivalto

Family Business


Vanessa Valera Nolte
Diego Valera
Holstein Housewares/Distrivalto

Most 20-something-year-olds are still trying to choose a career path, but not the Valera children. Vanessa Valera Nolte and Diego Valera are unlike others. The young duo launched Distrivalto, a kitchenware company, in 2007. Vanessa and Diego are co-founders of Distrivalto and its Holstein Housewares brand, which is adding light to the world of houseware items.

The brother-sister team believes in going to great lengths to do what’s best for consumers by providing high-quality products and services. Today, the brand Holstein Houseware is a clear reflection of Vanessa and Diego’s vision. The company is forward-thinking, family-owned, diversified and debt-free, which differentiates itself from other houseware companies.

Diego Valera, co-founder,Holstein Housewares/Distrivalto

Diego Valera, co-founder,Holstein Housewares/Distrivalto

Distrivalto has 21 employees which support the business and its clients. Due to the growth of business, the company is expanding its warehouse and moving into a new office in Miami and needs to hire more employees to support the growth of the business.

As young and emerging entrepreneurs in the houseware industry, Vanessa and Diego face a concerning challenge to prove that age is nothing but a number. They have grown up in the houseware industry as their father was the founder of Distrivalto Venezuela.

In 1998, Diego established a distribution company with his father and approached his sister to combine their talents and open a kitchenware line that would differentiate itself from brands like Oster and Kitchenaid and serve a different target market.

The houseware industry is saturated with traditional and conventional houseware products that are household names. Therefore, Vanessa and Diego identified a need for highly stylized and affordable houseware products that would separate themselves from their competitors. Holstein Hardware’s demand ignited following the International Home and Houseware show in Chicago, where they received outstanding press from various TV networks.

Holstein Houseware products are now sold in Walmart, Walgreens, Bed Bath and Beyond, HSN and many other big name retailers.

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