How Vericom helps hospitals communicate clearly and effectively with their patrons

Robert J. Loeb, Chairman and CEO, Vericom Corp.

No matter how long a company has been around, there is almost always room for improvement in customer service. When competition heats up, customer retention and loyalty become critical to financial success. Vericom Corp., which provides digital signage and on-hold messaging for hospitals and other health care providers, regards customer service as a broad term that covers all contact points of a brand to its consumers.

Although Vericom’s customer engagement team is ultimately the key point of contact between the organization and the client, the entire company is oriented toward the customer. Vericom constantly evaluates how what it does and says affects its customers, because it considers customer service its key competitive advantage.

Guided by Chairman and CEO Robert J. Loeb, Vericom has been serving hospitals, health systems, managed care and physician practices for 23 years. Since the company’s inception in 1989, its goal of being the premier audio and visual health care communications provider for hospitals is supported by unparalleled service for clients.

In order to ensure lifelong, indispensable relationships, Vericom works daily to exceed the expectations of more than 350 clients. Vericom’s leaders believe that if the company seeks to be only as good as its competition, it is doing a disservice to its customers and setting itself up to lose some of them.

Serving 1,100 locations, Vericom works diligently to ensure that every site it serves receives high-quality customer service consistently. With a less than 3 percent lost-account rate, the proof is in the numbers.

“We feel this honor fits Vericom perfectly,” says Brandi Beard, internal communications coordinator for Marshall Medical Center in Guntersville, Ala. “We currently utilize Vericom’s services both for on-hold messaging as well as their digital signage product. They have consistently proven that customer service is more than making sure the client is happy — it’s making sure the client stays happy.”

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