How Visual Marking Systems makes good impressions with clients

Dolfe Kahle, CEO, Visual Marking Systems

Dolf Kahle, CEO, Visual Marking Systems

The service promise at Visual Marking Systems Inc., a manufacturer of pressure sensitive decals, nameplates and markings, is easy to remember if you think of three O’s:

Outlast. Outshine. Outperform.

That simple motto helps define the employees’ mission to be there for customers and to produce products they are proud to display. It’s part of the culture of VMS, which includes awareness programs such as Employee of the Month and Caught in the Act to support these principles.

Both of those programs serve to show the commitment the company has to continuous improvement that impacts the customer fulfillment process. Caught in the Act is a peer recognition effort while Employee of the Month is driven by management input.

Founded more than 50 years ago by a father and son team, Hermann and (now CEO) Dolf Kahle, VMS hosts weekly meetings to discuss current corporate culture issues, to learn from each other, and to plan for the future. Every month, one of 12 core values of the company are highlighted which reminds associates on a daily basis why they give great customer service above and beyond the competition.

VMS promotes a positive, fun and satisfying experience for all team members as well. Celebrations, activities and Spirit Week add to the fun atmosphere.

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