How Wayne Johnson goes above and beyond to conquer challenges at Accuform Manufacturing Inc.

Wayne Johnson, CEO, Accuform Manufacturing Inc.

Wayne Johnson, CEO, Accuform Manufacturing Inc.

Family Business


Wayne Johnson
Accuform Manufacturing Inc.

Like any proud parents, Ron and Veronica Johnson had high hopes and great confidence that their son, Wayne, would do a great job with what they had asked him to do.

They wanted Wayne to go to Houston, the epicenter of the safety industry at the time, and generate business as a sales representative for Accuform Manufacturing Inc.

They soon had to call Wayne back to Florida. The problem was Wayne had been so successful, he outsold Accuform’s capacity. So his father brought him back to Florida to establish and grow the company’s local customer base.

It was an example of the talent that Wayne possessed and paved the way for him to take over as the company’s CEO in 1995 when his parents decided to retire. Johnson went right to work expanding Accuform’s business to move beyond the company’s initial product line and offer a robust catalog of other safety identification products.

Seven years later, he again embraced the spirit of innovation when he moved the company into the digital realm by replacing their old screen- and vacuum-printing methods with 100 percent digital printing.

Johnson always has his eye on the future, but that spirit of innovation is meshed with a strong work ethic and an understanding of how integral his employees are to the company’s achievement of its goals.

Employees are recognized for tenure and have access to amenities such as a fitness center, a cafeteria and special parking for expectant mother — to demonstrate how much they are all valued in the organization. These perks demonstrate that while employees are expected to work hard and be committed to the business, they are also appreciated.

The company is currently facing one of its biggest challenges; something which Johnson is confident will also be one of its greatest opportunities. Operations are being moved into a new, larger office to accommodate future growth. While it will no doubt be challenging, Johnson is confident his team will come through once more.

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