How will you be remembered?

One of the most important things you’ll accomplish as a leader is to create your legacy.

No one likes to think about this, but there will be a time when you’re no longer at your company, your family will grow up and the position you hold in the community will one day be held by another.

Please consider this important question: How will you be remembered? Whether it’s in your home, at work or in the community, when you leave the role you’re in now, will it be remarkably better than it was before you arrived?

If you’d like to leave a lasting legacy, one very influential way is by empowering others up the ladder of success. When you help others to be great, you become even greater.

Here are three things to keep in mind when you want to leave a legacy of excellence:

Understand the strengths of everyone on your team

Many people make the mistake of hiring a team of people who are just like them. It’s understandable, you want to be around people you feel comfortable with, but a wise leader will develop a talented team of experts in every area necessary.

Review your goals and mission statement

Surprisingly, many leaders don’t know their company mission statement. Have you looked at yours recently?

Review your current goals with your team and make sure that each individual is very clear about their role in achieving success. When people feel needed and valued, you’ll see an immediate difference in engagement and teamwork.

Don’t be afraid to let someone do a better job than you

This is critically important in creating your legacy, and it can be tricky, because many leaders get entangled with their egos on this topic.

If you can keep the success of your company as the main target, then you will welcome the idea of having a team member that knows how to do things better, faster or smarter than you.

An influential leader is not threatened or intimidated by the talents of others. In fact, you want to attract team members who are smart, confident and innovative. Recognize that by having a talented team your organization will thrive and everyone will benefit.

These three simple and effective strategies don’t cost a lot of money, require lengthy meetings or expensive consultants.

You have the power to influence great change, and this process doesn’t have to be complicated. What will you do today to create your own legacy?


Beth Caldwell is the Founder of Pittsburgh Professional Women. Beth is the author of the book “Smart Leadership: 12 Simple Strategies to Help You Shift from Ineffective Boss to Brilliant Leader,” and the lead instructor of the Leadership Academy for Women.