How Zinner & Co. LLP keeps its staff invigorated

Robin Baum, Managing Partner, Zinner & Co.

Robin Baum, Managing Partner, Zinner & Co. LLP

WCCS 2013 – Zinner & Co. LLP

“Your success is our business” is the motto at Zinner & Co. LLP, an accounting and management consulting firm. This motto underscores the firm’s commitment to doing whatever is necessary to help clients achieve their goals, regardless of what they happen to be. Zinner understands that only through this commitment to its clients’ success, will the business achieve its own success.

Managing Partner Robin Baum ensures Zinner constantly strives to stand behind its tagline: the right ideas, the right results, achieved with the right firm. To deliver on that promise, all members of Zinner’s professional staff are required to adhere to rigorous standards and participate in training at different levels, beginning when they first arrive at Zinner and continuing throughout their term of employment.

Known as “Zinner University,” this training is an integral component to the success of the firm and a launching pad for employees in building a meaningful, long-term career with Zinner. Through this program, new employees go through an introduction to firm policies and procedures, as well as their initial technical training.

Upon “graduation” from the introductory level of Zinner University, new employees are better prepared to offer clients the high level of service long-provided at Zinner & Co. Meanwhile, the teaching process reinvigorates their “professors,” resulting in their continuing to provide Zinner’s trademark personal touch.

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