How Zinner & Co. recognizes and rewards its clients and customers

Robin Baum, managing partner, Zinner & Co.

“Do unto others as they want you to do unto them,” is a rule that has become integrated into the fabric of Zinner & Co. and the way Managing Partner Robin Baum runs the accounting and management consulting firm.

When dealing with clients the firm is always conscious of the fact that not every client is the same and the natural or normal way of doing things may need to be altered to the various styles of different clients. The firm’s focus is to make clients as comfortable as possible in order to ensure they are happy with services and how they are provided.

While Zinner aims to treat every client as a VIP, there are always some that require a greater depth of business relationship in services provided because of their size or the volume of business they do. In addition, the firm understands that when a new client relationship is started there is only one opportunity to make a first impression. Therefore, Zinner strives to provide exemplary service right out of the gate.

The ultimate goal of Zinner & Co. staff is to connect with clients in a more meaningful way by finding out what is most important to them. This is accomplished through reaching out to clients frequently using books, literature, cards, personal communication, and gifts based on their personal interests. Whether it’s a season subscription for regional theater at the Cleveland Play House, a suite at Progressive Field to enjoy a night of baseball with clients, or a table at various not-for-profit events and benefits, Zinner wants to engage with its clients while taking in the best of local culture.

Zinner & Co. staff members also adhere to rigorous standards and undergo on-going training to maintain not only the highest possible level of technical skill, but the most satisfying client service experience possible.

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