In it together

Tracie Metzger, Co-founder and Executive Director, Pink Ribbon Girls

When Tracie Metzger was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 30, she went through a journey that included multiple treatments and surgeries. Yet even with the help and support of her family, she still wished there had been an opportunity to connect with other young women like herself. As a young survivor, Metzger created Pink Ribbon Girls with the mission of helping other young women with breast cancer by offering this network of support for them and their families from diagnosis, through treatment and recovery.

With its national, searchable database, Pink Ribbon Girls helps women with breast cancer connect and share their experiences with one another. By offering a forum where these women can share their experiences and get answers to their questions, the organization shows them that they are not in it alone. Metzger knows that bringing hope and a positive outlook to women with breast cancer is incredibly important, especially when they are first diagnosed and may be facing a dark time in their lives.

In October 2011, Pink Ribbon Girls celebrated its 10th anniversary. What began as several small coffee shop gatherings has grown into a national network through which more than 1,000 women come together to find woman-to-woman support, comfort and education.

As the organization has grown, so have the services that it is able to provide to the young women it serves. Through fundraising initiatives such as merchandise sales and charity events, Metzger, the organization’s executive director, leads its efforts as the co-founder and executive director, working to inspire every person to become a supporter of women with breast cancer. Today, Pink Ribbon Girls is also able to provide resources such as meals, cleaning services and even babysitting for many women who badly need these services during diagnosis and treatment. The organization also offers educational grants to survivors who are inspired to learn more about breast cancer.

How to reach: Pink Ribbon Girls, (513) 207-7975 or