Be inspired and motivated by those around you

This month, Smart Business is talking about people to watch. It made me think about the people that I watch and why.

I must admit that my first thoughts were of athletes, celebrities and even politicians. But that’s strictly for entertainment value. The people I really like to watch are the ones who inspire and influence me. And I see these people every day at work.

Putting others first

I watch the caregivers in our community embody the very idea of compassion. These are the people whose first instinct is to take care of others. They want to make sure that everyone is well and safe.

They don’t think of themselves or have any hidden motives or need for reward. These people and their unwavering commitment to others always inspire me.

Inspired by co-workers

I watch the spark of initiative in the people I work with. I’m encouraged by these engaged people, who are willing to take on problems and rise to the challenges that we face.

These people seem to grow stronger and more confident with each milestone they achieve, each mountain that they move. Their attitude is infectious and it is amazing to watch what can be accomplished with this singular focus.

Recently, one of our engineers volunteered to run a corporate-wide initiative to introduce a new product across our organization. Prior to his volunteering, I had little interaction with him — I only knew that he produced quality work.

In a short time, he has built bridges, facilitated issue resolution and made things happen. I have enjoyed watching this person go from the employee I passed in the hallways, to the person who is driving significant change across our organization.

Energized by challenges

I watch leadership come to life in the partners I work with. I see people who are not just unencumbered by the hurdles in health care — overcoming these obstacles energizes them.

These people innovate and exhibit the finest leadership to ensure timely access to care for everyone who needs it. They look for ways to make things better with a forward-thinking view of our future.

One of my co-workers has this type of leadership style. Whenever I’m stuck on a problem, he is my go-to person for instant ideas and inspiration.

He’s a highly engaged listener, he asks thought-provoking questions that help me approach an issue from a new perspective — and in turn, this influences me and shapes the way I work. I’m re-energized and able to successfully overcome obstacles.


There are people to watch and be inspired by all around us. We can be motivated by the diversity of their talents, whatever they may be. We can be inspired to perform our best based on their stories. We can be appreciative of their efforts and the effect on those around them.

Take a look at the people you come across in your day — and you just might find someone to watch.


Diane Watson is the COO at TeleTracking. Diane is responsible for TeleTracking’s services organization, which includes its client delivery team. She has a wealth of experience in consulting, information technology and general management. Her background includes the position of CIO at Medrad, a medical device manufacturer, as well as a long tenure at Andersen Consulting, currently Accenture.