Is timing everything? Finding the key to the evolving business landscape

We’ve all heard the saying “timing is everything.” But is it always true? 

And for that matter, what does “timing” really mean?

Frankly, I think many people allow the notion of timing to overly-influence their decision-making in every area of day-to-day life.

In business, it can absolutely paralyze you if you’re perpetually waiting for the right moment. This is not to say that one should make rash decisions based on nothing but whims. But over the years, I’ve seen many well-intentioned individuals take such a cautious approach to their businesses that nothing ever gets done. 

Brash moves get rewarded

The truth is there are always opportunities out there waiting to be grasped. Successful people who make decisions for themselves and their companies recognize this and are often hailed for making “bold moves.”

Timing, to a large extent, is really what you make it. I believe in pushing the envelope, because when you come right down to it, there’s never a perfect time to do anything. If you look for them, there will always be reasons for you to not do something.

In the business world, you only grow if you’re willing to go out on a limb and get the fruit — it’s not going to just drop onto your front lawn. Even if it does, someone will come along and snatch it before you can collect it.

Over the years, I became very successful with selling exercise and fitness products, but at a certain point I recognized that I needed to diversify my product line if I was going to stay relevant.

I did a lot of research and decided to expand organically. My thinking was if I could teach you how to exercise and get in shape, I could also sell other products that were healthy lifestyle related. Over time, I added products, but there was never a particular moment to signal me that it was the perfect time to expand.

I trusted my gut and had learned enough about the environment around me to devise a plan and then make informed decisions.

Because of this, I managed to survive and prosper even as many of my competitors disappeared because the world had changed, and they couldn’t keep up. Timing was a factor in my decisions, but mostly because I made the decision to adapt to the evolving business landscape.

Add the right attitude

Whatever you decide — and whenever you decide to do it — be sure to proceed with a positive attitude.

Making big decisions is more than just deciding to do something and then getting the mechanics going. How you go about it is just as important and makes a huge difference. I’ve built my career around being upbeat and excited. Enthusiasm is contagious.

There’s really no great mystery to being a master of timing. Just remember there are always business opportunities available for individuals and companies with the right idea, and who bring intelligence, a good work ethic and high energy to the table.

It just takes a little courage and the confidence in yourself to know you can deliver the goods. Today sounds like a good day to start! ●

Tony Little is the founder, president and CEO of Health International Corp., and executive chairman of Positive Lifestyle International. Known as “America’s Personal Trainer,” he has been a television icon for more than 20 years. After overcoming a car accident that nearly took his life, Little learned how to turn adversity into victory. Known for his wild enthusiasm, Little is responsible for revolutionizing direct-response marketing and television home shopping. He has sold more than 

$3 billion in products bearing his name. Reach him at [email protected].