It virtually sells itself

Technology has allowed Jonathan Schooler’s home-improvement customers to try it before they buy it. Now, they’re buying it more.

In February, Schooler, president of Global Efficiency Concepts, purchased a digital imaging program, DesignWare Personalizer, produced by Design Imaging Group Inc., based in Holtsville, N.Y.

“Up until now, all the client had to choose from was a small color sample, a sample window, a swatch of roofing colors, and it really didn’t give the client a true idea of what it was going to look like on their home,” Schooler says.

Now, the sales staff of his Neil Avenue business can use a Sony disc camera to photograph the home, and in about 15 minutes load images into a laptop computer so clients can see what their siding, window or roofing choices will look like on their own homes.

Not only that, Schooler says, but the client also then sees other potential home improvements: A new door or different windows might better match the new siding. Those additional purchases have increased sales 25 percent, he says.

The three laptop computers, digital cameras and software programs cost Schooler $10,000.

“There’s no doubt about it that I’ve got my return back on my investment,” he says.