James Pshock uses an innovative mindset to grow Bravo Wellness

James R. Pshock, founder and president of Bravo Wellness, is a native Clevelander who has always lived and worked in Northeast Ohio.
From the beginning of his career in 1989, Pshock worked his way through the ranks in various operational and information technology roles. But although he is an innovative problem solver, he didn’t become an entrepreneur until the opportunity arose to deliver a much-needed wellness program solution that the majority of employers did not realize was available.
Employers across the nation routinely struggle to provide employees with health insurance at an affordable price. And with 75 percent of all health insurance spent treating lifestyle-related conditions, employers encourage employees to attend health fairs, go to the gym and make better food choices. But the participation rate has been dismal and the return on investment elusive.
Pshock concluded that low motivation for change was behind low participation in corporate wellness programs. So he founded Bravo Wellness, which serves that niche by allowing employers to choose the wellness strategy that best fits their culture, and then designing the incentives, compliance support and technology to motivate employees and track their behavioral changes.
If an employer desires a turnkey solution, including biometric screenings, self-improvement modules, health coaching and incentive strategies, Bravo Wellness has strategic alliances with best-in-class partners that can meet any need for any size company. If an employer has already invested into a solution such as an on-site clinic, a preferred health coaching relationship or another wellness solution, Bravo offers its IncentiSoft Solutions platform. Insurance companies, third-party administrators and wellness companies can simply access compliance and technology from Bravo, and immediately increase their penetration into the employee populations they serve.

How to reach: Bravo Wellness, (440) 934-2090 or www.bravowell.com