James Taylor, chairman and CEO; Arun Pasrija, president and COO, CHR Solutions Inc.

James Taylor, Chairman and CEO, CHR Solutions Inc.

Technology — Finalist

In an industry that moves at breakneck speeds, where the latest in technology is often outdated by the time it reaches the marketplace, CHR Solutions Inc. remains three steps ahead of its competition. CHR stands out as the leading provider of products and services to communications services providers across the United States. But, James Taylor, chairman and CEO, and Arun Pasrija, president and COO, have faced many challenges to reach the position they are currently in.

Thirty years ago, the two uniquely different men embarked on a journey with a single-minded vision. Unknown to one another at the time, their story begins with one leaving Southern Missouri with $35 in his pocket and the other from India with a $500 loan. They grew up 12,000 miles apart, yet they shared a common dream to build something substantial, meaningful and enduring.

Arun Pasrija, President and COO, CHR Solutions

In 2003, their worlds intersected as Taylor and Pasrija met at the Houston Technology Center. Nine years later, their enterprise, CHR Solutions, employs 500 people and serves nearly 1,000 clients worldwide. Creative deal-making, successful integration and relentless cash flow management combined with innovation, skilled technical and managerial talent, and long-lived client relationships, have made CHR the company it is today.

In February, CHR launched OMNIA 360 as its unified back-office system that offers a complete billing and customer care solution delivered on the cloud. Integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, OMNIA 360 delivers a comprehensive, turnkey back-office solution for communications service providers allowing for bundled services.

CHR has also expanded its data center and Network Operations Center to provide critical business components and make cloud computing an affordable option for its clients. Taylor and Pasrija have successfully built a platform company that adopts new solutions in anticipation of future client needs.

How to reach: CHR Solutions Inc., www.chrsolutions.com