JANCOA supports charities as well as employees’ dreams

Mary Miller, CEO, JANCOA Janitorial Services

CIN Pillar Award

Mary Miller


JANCOA Janitorial Services

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JANCOA Janitorial Services makes an effort to support charitable organizations within the Cincinnati community that create educational and economic opportunities for the less fortunate. But it also makes improving the lives of its own associates a top priority.

CEO Mary Miller and President Tony Miller created The Dream Manager, a program that inspires JANCOA employees to pursue their personal dreams. Through one-on-one coaching sessions and group classes, employees are encouraged to identify their dreams and take action steps to achieve them.

Accomplished dreams have included earning a GED or college degree, purchasing a home or automobile, starting a small business, quitting smoking, adopting and many more.

This generosity of spirit translates to JANCOA’s charitable work outside of the company. Area organizations that have benefited include the American Heart Association, United Way, Life Success Seminars, Goering Center for Family Businesses, ISSA, Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce, Dress for Success, BSCAI and Bridges for a Just Community.

JANCOA’s demonstrated value of community service comes straight from the top. Mary Miller serves on the United Way’s “Women’s Leadership Council,” the Women Excel Leadership Team board, the Middle Market Advisory Board for the Cincinnati USA Chamber of Commerce, the board for the Goering Center for Family and Private Business at the University of Cincinnati, the Building Operators and Managers Association board, and the Cincinnati Green Steering Committee.