Jane E. McNamara, President and CEO, GreenPath Debt Solutions

Jane McNamaraSemifinalist, Services

Jane E. McNamara looked at Credit Counseling Center Inc. and she saw a good business that could be even better with a little work. It needed standardized service delivery methods and processes to bring order and take out confusion from the work the company did to help those in dire financial straits.

She also decided the company needed a new name and so Credit Counseling Center Inc. became GreenPath Debt Solutions. As president and CEO, McNamara invested in a task-based computer system that automated parts of the operation that didn’t need human involvement.

She also standardized some decision-making processes and created a quality assurance department dedicated to ensuring that consumers receive the same high-quality service at all its locations.

GreenPath’s reputation surged as the services wowed clients. Partnerships were established with large creditors such as Chase, Bank of America and HSBC, who began referring their customers directly to GreenPath.

There have been challenges along the way, however. In 2011, actual revenue was off significantly from what was budgeted, and GreenPath had to undergo significant restructuring. The workforce was reduced and several locations were shut down to cut costs. Despite the blow to the corporate culture, the company was able to recover through decisive leadership and began to turn back toward profitability late in the year.

The strength of the culture is very important to McNamara and she encourages her employees to get involved in philanthropic opportunities. GreenPath has donated hundreds of pounds of food and thousands of dollars to area charities to support their drives. Employees have also taken part in gift drives to make sure children have a happy holiday season.

HOW TO REACH: GreenPath Debt Solutions, www.greenpath.com